State of the Market Address – March 2017

In this month’s State of the Market Address, you’ll discover: –   After today’s big move in stocks, will the market continue to move higher? –   Should you short stocks with bonds on a Smart Money buy signal? –   The parallels between now and 1995. –   The ‘Puzzle’ metaphor that destines most traders to mediocrity. Click here more »

Mother Of All Buy Signals?

I had a good chuckle the other night. I friend of mine told me he’s short the stock market. His reason? He thinks the stock market is too high. When prodded further, there was no indicator, no system, or news item for his bearishness. Turns out that it was just a hunch. A gut feeling. more »

The Power of Writing a $10 Million Check

Interesting story… In the early 90’s, a young, broke Jim Carrey drove his beat up old Toyota up to Mulholland drive. While sitting there, looking at the city of LA below him, he dreamed of a better future. To help manifest his dream, he pulled out his checkbook and wrote himself a check for $10 more »

“Why did you bet that the market would go up”?

A friend of mine at poker asked which way I thought the market was headed. “Up,” I replied. “Why,” he asked (which is the next question 99% of the time). “No idea the reason. The news tends to happen after the fact.” To a lot of people outside our group, predicting future price trends using more »

How to Avoid a Catastrophe Before it Strikes

I looked at the stock and it was trading under a dollar. Just like that, the bottom fell out, and the stock went from $11.05 to 80 cents. The company had announced that they lost their contract with their main source of revenue – Apple – and were going belly up. The company was GTAT. more »

“CERN: New Discovery Enables Super-Computers to Peer 11.2 Seconds Into the Future”

In a breakthrough study, scientists at CERN have discovered a way to pay for rising costs at the Large Hadron collider… …only it’s NOT looking into the future 11.2 seconds. While that would be nice idea for a new HFT fund, that’s not even remotely possible. What is possible (and verified in this paper) is that more »

Are you a victim of “subtle portfolio churning”?

Ed Seykota is best known for returning 250,000% over a 16-year period. Like many, he started out using fundamental information – and quickly lost money on his first copper trade suggested by his broker, and his second “can’t lose” trade on silver. Shortly thereafter, he discovered Richard Donchian in the 70’s. Richard was unique at more »

8-Letter Word That Will Help You Obey Stops

8-Letter Word That Will Help You Obey Stops Let’s talk about stop losses, and how to obey them so your don’t blow you hard-earned money… When one door closes, another one opens. That’s how optimists think. Take yesterday’s market action for example. In The Exponential Growth Report (which trades 10 stocks every month), we got more »

Gone Fishing: How to Catch Whopper Trades

Gone Fishing: How to Catch Whopper Trades Like many, I learned how to fish from my late grandpa. I could go a day with only a few bites, yet he always seemed to catch his limit of fish. He was an ‘Okie.’ He and the rest of the family left Oklahoma and settled in California more »

How to magnetically achieve your goals without useless resolutions

How to magnetically achieve your goals without useless resolutions Every January millions around the globe make their New Year’s Resolutions – and like a flash in the pan, they sizzle out of existence. We tend to make vague statements like “I want to lose 20 pounds this year,” and next year wonder why our bellies more »