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Piles of money. Plenty of free time to spend it. Working a few minutes a day…in your pajamas. Wasn't that what being a trader was supposed to be about? Hasn't quite worked out like that has it?


Crash Canary logoDid you lose money during the 2008 crash?

Did you get smashed during the housing bust?

Did you throw your money into gold only to watch it sink like a stone?

Do you ever ask yourself “why does everything I invest in go down?”

Personally, I'm sick and tired of the hype. 95% of traders lose money. 80% of mutual funds under-perform the averages. The average stock picking newsletter returned -3.7% per year since 1980 (source: Hulbert Financial Digest).

Making 20% a month or whatever you hear from snake oil peddlers is not possible. Fact: $10,000 compounded at 20% per month comes out to $5 billion in six years — good luck with that. If you could double your account every year for 34 years, you would have more money than has ever existed in the history of the world. If it sounds too good to be true, you know it is.

I want to talk to the grown-ups in the room right now because I am sick and tired of the crazy claims I get in emails and mailers that made me a losing trader for years. It's time you find out what really works before your hard-earned nest egg goes up in smoke…if it hasn't already.

Before I wrote the book Trading Strategies from a Trading Skeptic, I blew out three trading accounts in the 90's, lost a lot of sleep, and was frankly embarrassed…and I'll be damned if anyone else gets suckered in. So I'm giving away free trading signals that in my battle hardened experience can generate not only better, but more consistent returns than any mutual fund or paid newsletter or talking head personality you've ever dealt with.

If you're new to investing…you probably won't believe me that you're being bamboozled. This site is for those that have had enough of the too-good-to-be-true-promises.

Put the kids to bed and let the adults talk. Let's begin.

The Crash Canary is a one of a kind early warning system that answers…

When will the next stock market crash strike? Which sectors should I invest in? Should I go to cash? Should I be in the safety of bonds?

The Crash Canary will answer those questions using a 100% mechanical investment strategy for ETF traders. No hype. No ridiculous promises. Ever.

Step 1 of 4: Watch the video below. Note, the Crash Canary has retired on top as of 12/15/2013. It was getting ripped off by unscrupulous marketers, and had to be taken off air. It was an amazing run.

~ Dan

Current Investment Strategy for: December 2013.

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Instructions for December, 2013:

Note, the Crash Canary has retired on top as of 12/15/2013. It was getting ripped off by unscrupulous marketers, and had to be taken off air. It was an amazing run.

Hold XLI (50%). Switch from XLY into XLV (50%).

10-year Performance:

Learn more about world-wide ETF investing with double the performance of the Crash Canary here


Download spreadsheet 2003-2013 (ZIP file)

Confirmed with top 1 asset: Proof of concept that the Crash Canary signals have worked for nearly 100 years.


Note: The data used for the chart above is very hard to come by — it does not exist in any off the shelf software. Very little exists prior to the 1970's. As far as I know, this is the longest test of a strategy similar to the Crash Canary and global-focused Atlas Order. The above chart only switches between holding U.S small cap, large cap, t-bills, corporate bonds, long-term bonds and mid-term bonds. The free Crash Canary signals switch between 19 sectors and asset classes. The private Atlas Order signals switch between 80 ETFs world-wide. The more, the better because there are more opportunities to hit your target gains…like having more pellets in a shotgun shell.

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  • The one strategy that has beaten the markets for the past 87 years. (Page 33)
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  •  Revealed: The group of people responsible for holding you back from your true potential as an investor, and how to silence them forever. (Page 6)
  • 6 Wall Street mottos that will make you broke faster than a politician giving away other people’s money. (Page 14)
  • Which path to take for a lifetime of investment gains, vs. a lifetime investing in which path to take. (Page 16)
  • The one piece of a 40-year old Nobel Prize winning formula that every investor must know…especially stock traders. (Page 33)
  • Exposed: The biggest investment lie and what to do instead. Entire shows have been perpetuating this dirty lie for decades. (Page 37)
  • How counting jellybeans led to a trading formula that leaves every expert in the dust. (Page 26)
  • Why avoiding 6 out of 7 famous tips from an investment guru leads to profits like fire leads to smoke. (Page 31)
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