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Episode 13: #1 Reason I LOVE global warming

Uh oh, now I’ve done it…

This show is sure to get the gun grabbers and socialists panties in a bunch…but I repeat myself.

Yup, I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE global warming and all its done for humanity.

Check out this controversial video now before its taken down by the leftist police state of America.

Episode 12: 10 smoking hot trades for May

– adj.

4. candid, open, or frank.

It’s time to pull back the curtain and reveal real trading with a real account.

What better way to do it than trade these 10 stocks live. No safety net. No promises. No BS.

Episode 11: Where I’m putting $100,000 of my own money

Special announcement: Where I’m putting $100,000 of my own money starting next week.

Details inside.

Episode 10: Unluckiest investor to ever live

What would you do if you lost a $35 billion nestegg?

You wouldn’t believe how or why the unluckiest investor to ever live lost $35 billion.

Nope, he didn’t lose it in a divorce (because he’s gay).

Watch the shocking story here >>

Episode 9: 80/20 rule of investing

I have faith in you, and on today’s show, I announce what some might consider an impossible goal.

I love a challenge.

En guarde!

Will you accept my challenge?

Episode 8: Portfolio Nightmare

I thought I’d heard everything. That is until I read the contents of this email.

I’ve never heard of someone doing what this guy did…and with a WINNING trading model!

Ugh! I wanted to poke my eyes out with a hot soldering iron.

Maybe you can learn something from his failure:

Episode 7: 4 chart patterns you can steal

I have dozens of chart patterns that have made me money over the years.

So many in fact, that I’d like to part with four of them today.

Go ahead and take them and do as you please.

Episode 6: Danger: Bear market setup

The warning lights on this bull market rocket are starting to flash.

This is the strongest warning since just before the flash crash of 2010.

For the first time, I reveal the inner workings of this bear market indicator. I’ve only discussed this with a select few.

I want to discuss with you right now what that means for the market.

Episode 5: 3 tips for earning 7 figures

A long list of trading rules isn’t necessary.

In fact, there are only 3 rules you really need to follow if you want to be profitable and consistent with your trading.

Episode 4: The Wart of Wall Street

– Watch out: The “Wolf of Wall Street’s” secret technique for making $50 million a year.
– Why Wall Street attracts insane people.
– How are the 10 explosive stocks for February doing?
– 2 new trades for March. Do you have the balls to buy these?

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