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Episode 31: Will the US stock market go to zero?

Most of the world markets are plunging.

Long-term bonds have been going practically straight up all of 2014.

The Russia ETF (RSX) is down 75% from its highs in 2008.

Is the United States stock market next?

Let’s discuss what to do in today’s final Relaxed Investor Show of 2014.

Episode 30: You’re insane if you’re not doing this


Episode 29: Seasonality: #1 Winning strategy, or loser?


Episode 28: 2 major problems with November


I hate to bring up bad news.
Especially with stocks launching into orbit here.
But I have to be transparent with you and share the evidence with you.
Like a detective on an episode of CSI.

Episode 27: #1 worst strategy everyone falls for


I’m going nuts as I write this.
This has got to stop.
There’s a strategy that when used, turns portfolios to dust.
And it needs to stop immediately.
Consider this a public service announcement.

Episode 26: My favorite indicator says…


Investors urgently want to know if this is the bottom.
Will the pain continue?
Should I buy?
Should I sell?
Is THE TOP in?
Where should my money be?

Episode 25: Line in the sand has been drawn


A line in the sand has been drawn.
If it’s crossed…bear market city.
Inside video is the answer you’re looking for.
What’s the question?
“Are we now in a bear market,” I was asked today.
Find out in today’s video…

Episode 24: Exact date Ebola stomps out the stock market

patient_doctor_conference_in_14806 copy

It’s all over the news.
It’s here in the USA.
The fatality rate is 55%.
Spreads on contact.
“It’s growing exponentially,”say scientists.
“It’s going to spread worldwide.”

Episode 23: October crash?


Evidence of a bear market in October is starting to pile up.

The gurus are sharpening their bearish fangs.

Housing stocks sharply declined.

What’s next?

Let’s discuss in today’s video.

Episode 22: Near fatal crash causes trader to purchase island with single palm tree (video)


After a near fatal car crash, I decided to get some R&R down in sunny Nicaragua.

Home of the most amazing surf in the Western hemisphere.

Maybe I banged my head a little too hard…

…because I decided to get this island with a single palm tree in the middle.

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