Why following [CENSORED BY NSA] will bankrupt you

The poster child for murder and genocide in the 20th century is arguably Adolf Hitler. He tried to bend reality to his vision, as have hundreds of sociopathic megalomaniacs who have come before him… …and it’s my contention that he would be a losing trader. He was a control freak. A micro-manager of monumental more »

Crash Canary – 2014 report card

Wow. This is cool.   Whenever I make a trading system, I like to see how well it performs in the “real-world” vs testing on historical data.   The PROOF isn’t in the back test. It’s in the bloody trenches of the most treacherous arena for any trading model…   …THE FUTURE.   So more »

3 strategies to hook a killer trade

I want to share with you three strategies for making killer trades.

Be forewarned: You have to have some cajones to make these trades because they go counter to popular belief.

Don’t invest in solar if you hate being part of the 1%

If you hate the thought of growing your wealth, then DON’T buy into the idea that solar energy will almost completely replace fossil fuels.

Will these robots be at the Home Depot next?

Look at these ‘lil worker bee robots tirelessly move plants around a landscaping center less than an hour away from my house.

Do yourself a favor and faster forward through the video so you see how much they progress (and save yourself some time while you’re at it).

P.S. This is an exponentially growing multi-billion dollar industry (he says while licking his chops).

Robot obliterates human world record

This isn’t even close.

The Singularity is Near Audio Book

The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil audio book:

The Singularity explained in 1 minute

The Singularity explained in 1 minute.

Inside scoop about March 11th, 2014

I’ve got some crazy insider info on those mad, scorpion-eating scientists at Kuka Robotics.

As you probably learned on the latest episode of The Relaxed Investor Show, there’s going to be an era changing event on March 11th.

For the first time, a robot is challenging a champion level human in a physical game — ping pong.

Yes, ping pong.

Don’t laugh. This marks a new revolution in robotics.

Worst trading strategy EVER

“The further backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”
– Winston Churchill

Have you ever been frustrated by a trading model that has returned amazing numbers over the past several years, but as soon as you start using it, it craps out?

Most trading models are based on an average of 10 years of historical data.

In most cases, that’s just not enough history to have any confidence on the system in the future.

Here’s a trading model with nearly 100 years of outsized gains.

Both historical and real.

It’s a hell of a story, and I think it will turn around your trading for years to come.

I know, that’s a big claim for me to make.

I think I can convince you in 10 minutes or less:

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