Secrets of the “Knuckle Curve”

Howdy! The widely followed S&P 500 futures market hit new highs yesterday after a disastrous start to 2016. Yet there have been sectors in the market that hardly saw a decline in January. Sectors like consumer staples (XLP) have been making new highs for two months. Junk bonds (HYG) have been one of the big more »

[Pic Enclosed] Secret Word That Turns Mere Mortals Into Money Making Maniacs

Howdy! Sixteen long years ago, I started what was to be the ultimate stock market project… To predict, with a degree of accuracy, where every stock will be in the near future, and get filthy rich in the process. I started this project after learning how to apply neural networks to stock forecasting. It didn’t more »

When all hell broke loose: What building high frequency trading models taught me about the markets and life

Howdy!Back in 2008, I started building and trading high frequency models in the emini S&P 500 futures… …and man, I was making a killing. Like a madman, I was trading over 100 contracts worth $3.5 million. Over the course of a few years, I wouldn’t be surprised that I traded over a billion dollars worth more »

4 rules to survive the gorilla test

4 rules to survive the gorilla test…  Weird pricing phenomenon in stocks…  Profiting in a bear market…  —– Recommended link ————–   Download: How to Beat Buffett By Disobeying All His Rules on Investing. Discover the once a month trading strategy that’s consistently beaten the markets since 1926.   ——————————————— Corona Del Mar, CA March more »

Yoda’s #1 Trading Rule

“You must unlearn what you have learned. Do, or do not. There is no try.”   – Yoda Before Luke Skywalker became a powerful Jedi Knight and saved the galaxy, he was reckless, impetuous, and stubborn as a mule – he was a teenager after all. There’s a scene in Empire Strikes Back where Luke attempts to more »

Which Tier of Trader Are You?

 Which Tier are you in? Howdy! There’s a problem that the majority of “Tier 3” do-it-yourself traders suffer from, and if they continue on this path of portfolio destruction, they are going to lose it all. Now you might be asking, “what the heck is a Tier 3 trader, Dan”? Allow me to start at more »

2015 vs 1929 crash

Friend, I’m disgusted.I was working out at the gym and made the mistake of glancing at CNBC on one of the TV screens. Ugh! Another talking head was yapping about another “death cross” and how the markets are doomed. Puh-lease. A death cross (when a 50-day MA crosses below the 200-day MA) is LATE as more »

3 Reasons Why Degenerates and Even Kind-Hearted Everyday Folk Lose Money in the Markets

  Today, I’m sitting at a corner bar in a newly remodeled Reno casino. The patrons range from geriatric retirees to chain-smoking gambler degenerates. …you’ve seen them before… …the kind of miscreant that would sell his mother for “just one more” pull of his favorite slot machine. It’s about the later that I’d like to more »

Crash Canary Update – For Wednesday

Revealed: Brand New Trading Breakthrough…   According to a recent survey, the top two questions traders have are:   –       Which stocks do I buy for the biggest gains? –       When do I sell?   Both of these questions are answered inside these two new free reports, which can only be described as “old school meets more »

Crash Canary Update – For Tuesday

Exclusive gift for you: I’d like to give you access to my brand new 56-page report which reveals the ONE strategy that has consistently beaten the markets since 1926. The exact rules of the strategy are fully disclosed, including the hidden flaw in the markets responsible for 90% of profits… …and 90% of losses for those who are more »

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