These guys made the biggest blunder ever

I read about trading strategies like a hungry junkyard dog eats a T-bone steak. That kind of determination has paid off handsomely. My dream home, toys, vacations, money, status…those are nice…but what I love the most is f-r-e-e-d-o-m. So when I ran across an article from a certain advisory I shall not name, I ended more »

Keynes Dark Prophecy

Keynes Dark Prophecy Casino capitalism is what Keynes called it. When speculation runs rampant in the markets. In the 80’s, Warren Buffett famously lambasted financial derivatives. He said they served no social value, and instead of doing the work of the invisible hand, they were “an invisible foot kicking society in the shins.” He took more »

How to tell if a rally (or decline) will have legs

How to tell if a rally (or decline) will have legs “She’s got legs, she knows how to use them. She never begs, she knows how to choose them. She’s holdin’ leg wonderin’ how to feel them. Would you get behind them if you could only find them? She’s my baby, she’s my baby, Yeah, more »

Big Brother Forces You to Report if You Have 100 of These

Big Brother Forces You to Report if You Have 100 of These Personally, I’m an advocate for privacy. I don’t think grannies should be getting pat downs at airports. The NSA should not be spying on its own people. Yet when it comes to position limits and reporting in the markets, I’m all for it. more »

How to force the top 100 Wall Street analysts to work for you – for free

How to force the top 100 Wall Street analysts to work for you – for free The median income of a Wall Street analyst is $83,000 per year according to Emolument (a salary benchmarking website). That’s higher than the average salary, but some of these guys work their tail off – 60+ hours a week. more »

October 19th Crash

October 19th Crash On August 25th, 1987, the stock market hit a new all-time high. By October 19th, less than two months later, the S&P 500 was down a whopping 33.2%. A year’s worth of gains were wiped out in a week of hard selling. The final day of the crash saw stocks drop 22%. Ripples more »

The Great Technical Analysis Bamboozle

The Great Technical Analysis Bamboozle Who doesn’t like to win giant stuffed animals at the fair right? The idea of becoming the hero and delivering a furry prize to your main squeeze is sure to win you brownie points. Like coming back from the hunt with the yummy carcass of a wild animal. You ever more »

Near death experience

Near Death Experience I was driving back from the grocery store as I’d done a thousand times. I crossed the busy intersection, only this time from the corner of my eye I caught the shape of another vehicle zooming straight for me. There was no time to react. The SUV was headed straight for my more »

Exposed: Big name trading data is junk! (Here’s how to check)

Howdy! I don’t mean to cause you any anxiety, so please don’t shoot the messenger when I tell you this… Several years ago when doing research for my book, The Relaxed Investor, I noticed something…odd. Our charts didn’t match some of the biggest vendors in the industry. Big names that you would instantly recognize. To more »

This might save your life, but kill your portfolio

  Would you agree that most people trust their “gut”? AKA intuition or instinct? Would you also agree that most traders lose money? Do you think it’s possible there could be a connection between gut instinct and poor trading decisions? Let’s discuss… In a fascinating experiment called the Iowa gambling task, players are shown four more »

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