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8-Letter Word That Will Help You Obey Stops

8-Letter Word That Will Help You Obey Stops Let’s talk about stop losses, and how to obey them so your don’t blow you hard-earned money… When one door closes, another one opens. That’s how optimists think. Take yesterday’s market action for example. In The Exponential Growth Report (which trades 10 stocks every month), we got more »

How to magnetically achieve your goals without useless resolutions

How to magnetically achieve your goals without useless resolutions Every January millions around the globe make their New Year’s Resolutions – and like a flash in the pan, they sizzle out of existence. We tend to make vague statements like “I want to lose 20 pounds this year,” and next year wonder why our bellies more »

The “Kindergarten Cop” method for finding winning trades

The “Kindergarten Cop” method for finding winning trades In 1990, action superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to roll the dice… …he would play the lead role as an undercover detective. His assignment? Teach kindergarten to catch a murderous drug kingpin. By all accounts, the movie should have been a flop. The #1 rule in Hollywood — more »

The Giant Stock/Bond Spread

I’ve got some important information to share with you. The normalized spread between stocks (SPY), and bonds (TLT) is now 7.95 – the highest level since 2011. Here’s a chart: The spike up in stocks, and the drop in bonds is the opposite what we initially saw after the Brexit vote. I got a lot more »

Episode 41: My #1 tip on how long this bull market lasts

We’re 5 weeks into this new bull market (called by yours truly thank you veddy mush).

Now that the averages are back at nosebleed levels, you’ve gotta be asking yourself how much high this bull will run, and for how long.

On today’s Relaxed Investor Show, I give you my #1 tip on how long this bull run will last.

Episode 40: Death Cross Signaled

A Death Cross has been signaled on the Dow Industrials today.

I show you exactly what this indicator is, and what in means in this quick video 5 minute video.

Episode 39: Biggest mass delusion in the stock market


Don’t tell Cramer about today’s show.

Because I’m going to rip the lid off this can of pure BS and reveal it to anyone that doesn’t want to get tossed into the trash compactor like they did in 2008.

Episode 38: Hidden danger in the market

There’s a hidden danger lurking under the surface that could affect your portfolio.

Like the great white shark that tussled with surfing legend Mick Fanning over the weekend…

Episode 37: New China/Greece Debacle Buy Signal

New China/Greece Debacle Buy Signal…the market continues to climb the wall of worry…

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