Smart Money, Tesla, and Forecast Friday

Tesla has been stirring up massive amounts of controversy lately.

First, they had some major issues with the batteries over at the Gigafactory in Nevada.

One of my good friends got to witness it first hand as he was breaking his back for seemingly endless hours.

Elon is also under fire for Tweeting about a buyout near $420.

The funding doesn't sound so secure to me, and regulators might slap him with a fine.

Whatever happens, I'll say this: It's really hard to enjoy the F U money Elon has without telling the endless idiots he deals with to F-Off.

And I think that's what he's doing here: A big F U to the constant barrage of word-hatchets being flung his way on a daily basis.

He's had enough.

By the way, if you get time to watch the recordings of Elon dealing with the most out there people — don't.

All these analysts are looking for the roof to cave in on the hen house, and he's grabbing his scatter gun and telling the haters to “get off my lawn.”

Tesla also is developing a nice moat around their business. It's an entire ecosystem. From solar tiles, to storage batteries, to the power stations, to the cars and trucks themselves.

Most car manufactures are doing just that…manufacturing cars. They aren't creating a category of one.

I did some charity work with a hedge fund manager several years ago, and tried to explain how Elon was creating what's called a Blue Ocean Strategy.

But he had never read the bestselling book of the same name…and he's a funnymentals guy to boot.

If Elon does take Tesla private, it'll be missed — what a great trading vehicle it's been for us!

Speaking of trading vehicles, our car of choice remains SPY (the most popular S&P 500 ETF).

The Smart Money is cruising down the road on autopilot.

Before I go, I want to thank you for the feedback on the Forecast Friday Show.

We're going to take a different direction, and I hope you enjoy when we officially launch in a few weeks.

Trade smart,

Dan “Prince of Proof” Murphy