[Part 12] First day of stock predictions with Project 88

First day of stock predictions with Project 88

Today was the first day of testing Project 88 inside Portfolio Boss. (You can catch up here with Part 1).

Hip hip hooray!

// Quick aside. Project 88 is our crazy venture that includes using a 2000-core supercomputer to predict stock prices. I started blogging about our trials and tribulations seven months ago in May 2017 //

I'd like to say that the first test went amazingly well, but — as per usual with complex software — it did not.

Allow me to step back for a second.

Most of the time a writer or reporter discusses people's success, they fail to mention the missteps.

In software design, we call them bugs.

Our lead programmer, Ruud, told me that the performance of his first test awhile back was only slightly better than the S&P 500.

Bad news right?

Not for me! My thought process was “holy crap, I get to see if my crazy ideas actually work.”

I go in with the expectation of finding something out of whack.

It's the exception to the rule to have perfect software from version 1.0.

Very quickly, I found the bug, and we're all set to squash it like a steam roller through a caterpillar farm.

The strategy was only slightly better than the S&P 500 because it bought positions in the 80's and never sold.

A swing trading strategy turned into buy and hold by accident.

Bugs are not good, but they are expected.

They are even more likely — and therefore more expected — with a project as complex as P88.

Do you know the problem that's even worse than bugs?

It's when you decline to undertake a grandiose project out of fear of failure…

…or fear of your flaws being exposed.

…fear of wasting your time.

…fear of ending up in the doghouse with your wife.

…fear of being successful.

…fear of your Uncle Joe telling you “I told you so” from the comfort of his La-Z-Boy while chugging his 5th beer before Christmas dinner.

…or fear of __________.

I don't have time for fear.

Neither do you.

We're only on this rock for a short period of time so we have to make the most of it.

Don't be afraid to follow your dreams.

If anything, you should be afraid of NOT following your aspirations.

You can do it…so go do it!

OK…back to work.

More from me soon!

Trade smart,


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