[Project 88 Part 8] Why your favorite team blows massive leads

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The reason your favorite team blows massive leads has been solved.According to a new study, the Stanford Graduate School of Business has an interesting hypothesis.

For a cash prize, participants were asked to memorize five colors, and then see if they could pick them out from a list of colors.

Those that led early tended to slack off later in the competition.

They spent less time memorizing the colors, and their lack of results was clearly visible.

Often times, they were overtaken by the slow starters.

I’m sure you’ve seen it before. Your favorite team blows a massive lead, and leaves you frustrated as a de-clawed cat trying to climb a tree.

You see the same thing happen in the stock market.

You might start off with a good year…you’re beating the averages…and then you decided to coast for the rest of the year…

…and then you don’t even end up beating the averages.

So what’s the solution to staying motivated while you’re ahead?

“By focusing on another standard that’s higher than where you are, you’re able to sustain motivation,” says Stanford marketing professor Szu-chi Huang.

In another study, 2500 partakers from two campuses entered a competition to donate the most used books.

Some of the students were told “signups at our campus are still 10% lower than our best year.”

Those that received this message saw their results increase by 378% over those that did not!

Imagine if you could accomplish that feat with your trading results.

Right now, I’m very aware of the fact that we’re in the late innings of Project 88 (which is attempting to predict future stock prices of every company in the US).

– We’ve purchased the most accurate database in the world.

– We’ve built a 2000-core supercomputer.

– The core algorithm for pattern matching: Finished.

– The process of predicting future prices. Finito.

– The initial results of predicting Apple’s stock prices are extremely promising.

Just a few more steps left, and we feasibly build a remarkably profitable tool to use at our disposal.

At this point so close to our goal, we might just start coasting and lose focus.

But my focus isn’t just winning, it’s winning by a margin you could drive a cement truck through.

When I played competitive baseball (as a southpaw pitcher), I looked to the greats of my era.

Guys like Dennis Eckersley. Roger Clemens. Nolan Ryan. Randy Johnson.

If I struck out two guys in a row in the first inning, I wanted 25 more.

Harnessing that fire eventually led to a no hitter.

So to stay motivate as a spurred horse with Project 88, I look to the best traders in the world…and focus on beating them by a country mile in less than a New York minute.

// Quick aside. A “country mile” is longer than a mile because the roads in the countryside are usually wiggling around like a worm on a hook. A New York minute is a short time because of the 24/7 hustle and bustle of city life. In case you were wondering.

There are other ways to stay motivated too:

Like having a cause greater than yourself.

It could be to make the biggest donation to your favorite charity and affect the most people’s lives for the better.

Or it could be more on the selfish side by buying your dream toys.

Hey, buying stuff keeps people employed, so I’m not judging.

If everyone donned the cloth and became 100% altruistic, society as we know it would collapse faster than you could say chapter 7.

Every now and then we have a smoking hot dealer at one of our poker games.

She works on tips.

I notice that I play much, much better and I often end up tipping her the most.

So it’s not about the money for me. It’s about winning her affection, as sophomoric as that sounds.

It's hardwired into me. Know thyself right?

So sit back for a minute, and figure out what’s bigger than yourself, and how you can use that to stay motivated and achieve your dreams.

What’s your “Win one for the Gipper” motivation?

Watch this famous old Ronald Regan clip to get started:


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Trade smart,