[Project 88 Part 6] Urgent contest annoucement

A quick update on our stock forecasting tool…Project 88.

Project 88's goal is to forecast prices of every stock in the U.S. Like holding next month's newspaper today.

All 2000 cores of our supercomputer are firing in unison now, and test results are screaming in.

Well, not quite “screaming.” More like a leisurely walk.

We're optimizing a few numbers, and a single test takes 45 minutes.

Of course, if you were to visit Microsoft's datacenter somewhere in California (It's a secret location…the addresses listed on Google are all fake…probably due to government contracts), then you'd probably see the servers maxed out at 100%, with cooling fans blazing.

Turns out that we're matching 32 trillion patterns.

Usually you don't see numbers like that unless you're looking at the national debt clock:

Forty-five minutes doesn't sound long, but keep in mind we're using 2000 computer cores.If we were to use a single computer to test 1000 different pattern matching settings…

….it would take 85.6 years to complete!

While seeing a wild number like that sounds intimidating, I see it as an opportunity.

It tells me that practically no one on earth has ever done anything remotely like this before because it's so difficult.

But like any puzzle, it gets solved one piece at a time.

And the end result is the ultimate dangling carrot: forecasting stock prices like a Boss…

More from me soon.

In the mean time, we're trying to come up with a name for the supercomputer.

Got a good one? Enter below. I'll announce the winner next week (plus you'll get a surprise bonus from me).

Trade smart,