Redrum! REDRUM!

This weekend marked the 40th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick/Steven King's The Shining — and this message is ultimately about murder.

More on that in a minute…

We ended up “camping” in the Malibu area this Memorial weekend.

I put “camping” in quotes because it was nothing like the camping I did as a kid.

Back then, the tents were a lot more durable though.

Our tent snapped into pieces…murdered by the wind…which resulted in a lengthy discussion about driverless RV's instead of tales of bloodshed around the campfire.

100% of our group agreed that driverless RV's are a “shut up and take my money” technology.

I called it a “Blue Ocean” industry because going driverless will open a new generation of RV'ers that would normally rent an apartment or buy a house.

I can't find any info on the companies working on them, which makes sense considering that type of announcement would murder current RV sales.

The big dog of the industry, Thor (THO), is doing very well.

They would be crazy not to work on driverless tech, so eventually, we'll probably hear something from them, and then everyone will realize why the stock has been on a tear.

News typically follows price, which is why most of our strategies use price as the main input.

By the way, I don't actually consider myself to be a trader.

Deep down I'm an investor.

Allow me to explain…

While it might sound like I'm saying I'm an investor in companies like Thor Industries, I'm actually an investor in my trading strategies.

I would never directly invest (which typically means buy and hold forever) in a company outside of my own.

That's Warren Buffett's game.

He has the stomach for wild drawdowns like the 2008 roller coaster of death.

I'm not stepping onto that ride!

That doesn't mean I believe that America is going to be murdered by a mountain of debt any time soon.

On the contrary, our recent journey into cloud based machine learning has me prognosticating a profit bonanza for companies that embrace it, and a visit from the grim reaper for those that don't.

We are embracing cloud computing fully BTW, as our new direction had to involve building a supercomputer for forecasting stock prices.

It's not quite Hal 9000, but 1000 virtual machines can do a lot more than open the pod bay doors.

AI will be the new workforce, and that workforce will be controlled by Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

Sorry IBM, but Watson sucks.

Ya'll have an uphill battle trying to recapture market share. The Angel of Death is sharpening his scythe.

Buffett gets it.

Which is why he unloaded 1/3 of his holdings…and 90% of his Walmart shares. I wonder when he'll unload Geico? Methinks it will be a corpse in a decade.

I know what you're thinking. Who will have money to buy crap if the robots take over?

If Zuckerberg has his way, then everyone will get a check just for breathing. Universal Basic Income.

Socialism with the mug of Max Headroom.

What's the worst that can happen when government controls everyone from cradle to grave?

I wish I had an better answer to UBI considering communism is linked to 94 million deaths in the 20th century.

Youngsters in the U.S. seem to be flirting with the idea more and more as the siren song of “all play and no work make Jack a happy boy” circulates through the masses.

The latest generation probably won't get that reference, but you might have suddenly had visions of deceased twin girls after reading that backwards quote.


If you're in the mood for more horror, check out this rather morbid infographic. (Don't worry, it's 100% safe for work, and might trigger some interesting discussions).

Trade smart,

Dan “Prince of Proof” Murphy