WWII Trick for Hacking the Stock Market

In WWII, U.S. codebreakers easily and regularly cracked Japanese communications

Their flaw

The use of codebooks

First they would write out their message, and then match words and common phrases to a codebook.

Since certain words are used more than others, a simple frequency analysis allowed U.S. cryptographers to decipher messages with impunity

But there was a problem

In 1942, several intercepted messages spelled out a massive impending attack

The target: “AF.

The only problem was that no one but the Japanese knew what AF stood for

But the intelligence officers had their suspicions

To confirm their suspicions, they sent a message on an underwater cable that they knew the Japanese had compromised.

They broadcast that the desalinization plant on Midway Island had broken down.

Sure enough, the Americans intercepted an encrypted message stating that the desalinization plant on AF was not working.

The trap was set.

The Battle of Midway was a major turning point in the war.

The Japanese never recovered.

The Dow Industrials hit their lows just before the attack, and more than doubled over the next few years.

The rest is history.

Unlike the Japanese, modern day fund managers know that they are being spied on.

Reports like SEC Form 13F force fund managers with over $100 million in assets to report their holdings.

The only problem is that the reports are delayed by months.

By then, it’s too late to act upon, just as it would have been too late if the U.S. Navy journeyed to Midway months late.

So these fund managers feel safe.

Yet there’s another obscure government report that is only delayed by three days

Not only do these government agents “spy” on huge fund managers and institutions, but they also reveal what the little guys – mom and pop traders – are doing.

Only these small traders often have no idea they are being spied on, just like the Japanese military was clueless and complacent.

In effect, their brokerage account has been “hacked” by those that know what to look for.

By peering into these accounts, you could have the ability to sidestep every major crash…

…or catch the bulk of every major bull market.

Unwittingly, these traders can make you a great deal of money and help you win the war on retirement.

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Trade smart,

Dan “Prince of Proof” Murphy