“CERN: New Discovery Enables Super-Computers to Peer 11.2 Seconds Into the Future”

In a breakthrough study, scientists at CERN have discovered a way to pay for rising costs at the Large Hadron collider…

…only it’s NOT looking into the future 11.2 seconds.

While that would be nice idea for a new HFT fund, that’s not even remotely possible.

What is possible (and verified in this paper) is that 59% of readers will share an article without even reading it.

In other words, most people get their news from just the headline.

No wonder why fake news is so prevalent these days.

Fake news generates clicks. Clicks generate revenue.

That appears to be the dastardly answer to traditional media going extinct as first newspapers — and now cable — go the way of the dinosaur.

Recently, President Trump called out CNN and the Washington Post for posting highly salacious articles.

Just the other day, Time magazine falsely reported that Trump also took down the bust of Martin Luther King.

I don’t buy the reporter’s excuse for why he didn’t see it. The damage was done. Cha-ching. More revenue for Time.

I’m personally am boycotting these organizations (and many more).

The financial news is often no better.

If I had an egg for every pump and dump scheme hatched from the mind of a sociopathic, greedy moron, it would overfill an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

For example, Galena Pharma (GALE) exploded upward 200% to 155 (split adjusted) in late 2013 to early 2014.

Come to find out that one person was posing as several authors writing favorable comments about the company.

The stock now trades at 1.70.

If you’ve fallen for one of these scams, you’re not alone. They virtually reached through my computer, into my wallet, and pulled out money I couldn’t afford to lose when I started trading in 1997.

Stupid Tax is what I call it.

Damn. I just realized this is my 20-year anniversary for trading the markets.

It took longer than I thought to be able to write checks to charity that are more than I used to make in a year, but it’s definitely been a worthwhile adventure.

Once I started seeing trading as a process instead of a lotto-ticket event, I was on my way to making serious money.

I feel bad for folks starting out today.

On the bright side, there’s more information than ever. On the downside, there’s more information than ever.

It can be hard to stay in a trade when the talking heads are foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs.

“Sell!” they scream at the bottom. “Buy!” they shriek at the top.

When it comes to news, I look for those I trust (after careful vetting), and multiple sources (oddly enough, the tabloid TMZ is pretty accurate for confirming or denying those fake celebrity deaths).

When it comes to trading, I trust those who consistently show proof – preferably from a computerized test.

I’ve been a billionaire many times over eyeballing the charts and coming up with “can’t lose” strategies.

My mind would play tricks on me, and I’d forget about the losing trades.

Often times, you’ll find that buying when your favorite indicator says “sell”, and selling when your indicator says “buy” is a better solution (which is exactly what happened when I tested a simple indicator — MACD — on the stock market).

I apologize for using the time travel headline to get you to read this article. It was of course well intentioned and lighthearted.

I certainly hope I've made you think twice about sharing an article you haven't read.

Ironically, for the past year, we’ve been working on a tool for forecasting the future of any stock.

Obviously, you can’t time travel into the future in your DeLorean, check ticker prices, then come back and place your trades…but crunching about 250,000 years worth of data from listed (and more importantly de-listed) stocks can give you the next best thing.

Trade smart,

Dan “Prince of Proof” Murphy