Secret of the $6 Million Mansion

Secret of the $6 Million Mansion

It seemed like an eternity of twisting turns, blind corners, and flooded streets before we reached our destination…

A three-story mansion overlooking Los Angeles.

On the roof looking left, you can see the Hollywood sign.

Scanning the horizon to the right, you can vaguely make out the Griffith Observatory, downtown LA, and the Pacific Ocean.

Price tag for this amazing 360 degree panorama view: In the $6 million range.

Yikes! That's about $1000 per square foot.

Interestingly, the owner is an immigrant who came to the States with nothing but hope and a dream.

If you’re like me, the first thing you’d ask after finding out the price tag is what she does for a living.

She buys beaten up, crusty old houses in great neighborhoods… spends a fortune to remodel them, then flips them to rappers, moguls, businessmen, hedge fund managers – you know…movers and shakers.

Now this was a Christmas party, so I didn’t want to talk shop too much…even though I was fascinated.

So out of courtesy, I asked her one simple question.

A question that seemed to strike a cord with her because she paused for more than a deep breath to think through her answer.

“What’s the one thing that others can do to have this level of success,” I asked.

“Marry rich,” she said sarcastically in her thick Portuguese accent.

“If that doesn’t happen, make sure to never trade time for money.

Do something that makes you a percentage. And do that thing over and over again.”

You know, that’s exactly how I got rich.

That’s how Michael M. turned $30,000 into $80 million, owning ten homes in the most beautiful countries in the world.

And Monroe T. retired at age 40 with a reported $900 million nest egg from his trading efforts.

Most have to trade time for money, but by setting some of that money aside, it can grow exponentially if invested correctly.

You can exit the rat race if your escape velocity is high enough.

That’s why trading is the best business of them all.

It’s a percentage business that you can do from practically anywhere in the world.

You don’t need employees.

You don’t need an office.

You need a great strategy, and the ability to control your emotions.

The second part is tough. It mostly involves stop being an idiot that falls for the get rich quick crap.

Trading is a process, not a lotto ticket.

We know the stock market mostly goes up.

But sometimes there are crashes that come out of the blue.

I always wondered what caused them.

Here’s what I discovered:

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Trade smart,

Dan “Prince of Proof” Murphy