Flash Crash Fire Sale

Flash Crash Fire Sale
Remember the Flash Crash of 2010?

The U.S. stock market lost a trillion dollars in 36 minutes.

If you had raised some cash beforehand, you’d have been able to buy in at a tremendous fire sale.

Speaking of fire sales, I'm running a special holiday deal.

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Trade smart,

Dan “Prince of Proof” Murphy

P.S. In April 2010, the stock market was making a new 52-week high – similar to now. Yet the Smart Money Indicator flipped to a sell signal. I always get a lot of flack for selling into new highs. In just 20 trading days, the Flash Crash reared its ugly head seemingly out of nowhere.

This Friday marks an important event where we get to peer behind the curtain and discover how Wall Street’s elite are positioned. For the first time since the Trump rally began, we’ll see how these players are positioned after a major futures expiration.

Will sunny skies prevail, or will Santa be bringing coal? Or the other “C-word”…as in “crash.”

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