Why people with high IQs are often horrible traders [Part 2]


Why people with high IQs are often horrible traders [Part 2]

P.S. Keep reading because I want to share something extremely personal with you…

In yesterday's email, I explained why EQ (emotional quotient or emotional intelligence) is a greater predictor of success than IQ.

Ironically, our quote provider took a crap on a day where we needed an update pronto because today was a ‘DB Transaction' calendar day.

Instead of getting mad, I took my Trump rally profits and went to cash.

Within a couple hours of selling, the quotes were working again — and the strategy said to re-buy everything that I'd sold.

We would have been better off holding those stocks, but the reality of trading is that things happen.

Nothing is perfect, so there's no sense in kicking the dog, or throwing a tantrum.

You don't see the top guys from the World Series of Poker jumping up and down, cursing everyone when they lose do you?

Those are traits of people with low EQ.

Thankfully, EQ can be increased with practice and self-awareness.

I want to give you a tremendous edge in your trading and your life, so keep reading until the end, OK.

First, I want to share something extremely personal with you: The results of my EQ test.

Here's the overall score:

My personal EQ Score

Last night, I went through an hour long EQ test (I'm still sick as a dog, but I'm always trying to learn more about myself, and how I can help YOU).

You can read my entire EQ test — warts and all — here.

Inside, it contains my strengths and weaknesses.

You'll see that I need to work on things like goal setting more.

As Earl Nightingale said, “you become what you think about.”

By simply going through this Emotional Intelligence Test, I have become much more self-aware, and aware of the emotional states of those around me.

It's an extremely enlightening experience, and all the studies show that those with high EQ make more money, are healthier, are happier, and have deeply satisfying relationships.

The test is free to take. At the end, a full breakdown of your test can be purchased for about $10. I don't make any money from this. This is a gift to yourself and your loved ones (if you think someone you know will benefit).

Take the Emotional Intelligence Test here >>

Trade smart,

Dan “Prince of Proof” Murphy

PS. You can see the very personal results of my test here. That way you can see what it's all about. No one is perfect. But if we grow in self-awareness, we can do great things instead of stumbling around life like a drunkard in a dark alley.