The “ABP” method for getting your sh$* together

The “ABP” Method for Getting your Shit Together

From the 1992 movie Glenngary Glen Ross

Ed Harris: What's your name?

Alec Baldwin: F____ you. That's my name.

You know why, mister

You drove a Hyundai to get here.

I drove an eighty-thousand dollar BMW.

THAT'S my name.

And your name is you're wanting.

You can't play in the man's game, you can't close them – go home and tell your wife your troubles.

Because only one thing counts in this life: Get them to sign on the line which is dotted. You hear me, you F__ing f__gots?

A-B-C. A-Always, B-Be, C-Closing. Always be closing. ALWAYS BE CLOSING.

That was Alec Baldwin’s character’s method for motivating his sales team.

More like a human wood chipper than a motivator if you ask me.

So instead of focusing on “ABC”, let’s focus on the “ABP” method.

It can be applied to all aspects of your life, including becoming a successful trader

I constantly performance the “ABP” method all day long, everyday.

It's my secret weapon for everything from running a multi-million dollar company… to deciding where to vacation next… to which company to invest in.

It’s etched into my brain like a brand on a cow.

ABP stands for…




Want to make more money over the next five years?

List out all the ways you can earn money.

For example, let’s say you’re like my friend Ted.

You’re an engineer, and you’ve been at your craft for 20 years.

You’re married, have a kid, a house, and $100k in liquid investments like stocks and bonds.

Ted is doing well, but he’s not quite fulfilled in life.

He wants to take more vacations, spend more time with his daughter (who’s still young)…and he wants a taste of the good life – a house by the beach…a fishing boat…maybe that new Tesla with Ludicrous mode

So he has goals. Now how to reach those goals in minimum time?

Here comes my friend ABP. Always be prioritizing.

So what you do is make a list of all the ways to increase your income over the next few years.

Put a dollar amount next to that income source (over the next five years). Divide by the number of hours it’ll take to make that money.

Now rank.

For example, Ted’s been thinking about starting an online vitamin shop.

Since we’re friends, I can connect him to people that would help him go from zero to at least $250k within a year, then grow steadily over the next five years.

Let’s just make this easy on ourselves and say Ted will make $2 million over a five year period, and work 7500 hours (before he sells the company at year five). Go Ted!

That’s $266 per hour of his time.

Selling the crap in his garage on eBay might net him $500 and take 2 hours of his time.

That’s $250 per hour, so it’s listed as secondary. Although he might rank it as #1 on his “Shit to do so I don’t get divorced” list.

Working overtime?

Naw, he’s on salary. Which means he already does that for free.

Whore himself out on Maybe it adds $5k/year but he only makes $20/hour, so that belongs low on the sorted list

As for his $100k nest egg, let’s say he makes 20% per year following my simple Smart Money Indicator strategy.

That’s $148,832 in profit. Let’s say that takes him an hour a month, so that’s 60 hours over five years…or $2480 per hour

Now his list looks like this:

1) Investing – $2480/hour

2) Starting vitamin business – $266/hour

3) Sell golf clubs n stuff on eBay – $250/hour

His investing takes barely any time at all, so his focus after making his trades should be on his business.

Everything else can be delegated.

For example, he should hire his neighbor’s tech savvy kid to sell his stuff on eBay, and give him $30 so he doesn’t have to think about it.

Make sense?

The key to the “ABP” method is to think about the end goal you’re trying to accomplish, list out the different ways to get there, and then prioritize.

It’s simple yet effective…and hardly anyone takes the time to do it.

That’s why using the ABP method will put you light years ahead of the competition.

Trade smart,

Dan “Prince of Proof” Murphy

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