These guys made the biggest blunder ever


I read about trading strategies like a hungry junkyard dog eats a T-bone steak.

That kind of determination has paid off handsomely.

My dream home, toys, vacations, money, status…those are nice…but what I love the most is f-r-e-e-d-o-m.

So when I ran across an article from a certain advisory I shall not name, I ended up shaking my head in disbelief about their conclusions.

They had totally shat upon the idea of using the government’s COT report to beat the stock market.

How could these math wizzes come to a completely different conclusion than my rigorous testing?

(And not just my testing…my lead programmer tested the crap out of this too just to be sure there wasn't something I missed).

Going through their work, the answer became obvious.

I don’t want to put you to sleep with math-speak, so here’s an analogy:

Let’s say you go to the doctor for a stomach ulcer.

He gives you a prescription of Prilosec to take for a month or whatever.

Now if you take too little, nothing happens – the ulcer stays or gets worse (especially if you drink coffee or alcohol…I know this because it happened to me).

If you take a handful of pills, you’ll end up in the ER and possibly die.

So obviously, there’s a Goldilocks amount of the drug to take right?

It says so right on the bottle.

So what happened is this advisory screwed the pooch and looked at ALL the data, which introduces a bunch of noise (the equivalent of taking a handful of pills).

The data must first be filtered into something usable.

I’ve seen them fail to do this with several other studies too.

Frankly, it’s not for lack of brains – it’s a lack of imagination.

You have to be careful as you move into higher degrees and stay in school for a long time.

You'll become a clone of your colleagues.

What everyone knows is seldom worth knowing – and that’s 1000% true for trading.

Even 80% of professionals fail to beat buying and holding the index.

As I see it, there’s a serious necessity that index traders urgently need filled.

According to the CFTC, there’s $78 billion controlled by traders with less than $10.6 million – just in S&P 500 emini index futures.

Futures trading is a zero sum game, so most of this money is held by net losers in dire need of help.

It’s my mission to help 10,000 of those traders over the next two years.

Will you be one of them, or keep doing the same ‘ol thing?

Trade smart,


Dan “Prince of Proof” Murphy


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