Crash Canary Update?

Are Predictions Worthless?

Wasn’t gold supposed to go to $5000 as the US Dollar collapsed?

Shouldn’t the Dollar be falling to new lows instead of new highs?

Shouldn’t I be buying massive amounts of offshore real estate to avoid the taxman?

Shouldn’t oil be skyrocketing due to peak oil?

Shouldn’t authorities be busy confiscating our 401K’s?

Shouldn’t at least one of these dire predictions have come true?

What’s that?

QE infinity pushed all these problems into the future?

How long into the future?

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“Wasn't he a Complete and Utter Fraud?”

Why didn’t the gurus predict QE?

Are predictions worthless?

Who else became famous for making predictions?


Wasn’t he a complete and utter fraud?

Economists make predictions, are they actually frauds?

Can an economist even predict their next prediction will be a fraud?

Is economics even a science?

Do we live in a world where tens of thousands of economists are given high paying jobs based on a pseudo-science?

What does that say about the world we live in?

Do those in charge just make it up as they go along?

What kind of strategy beats the markets consistently?

Is it a scientifically proven strategy?

Do the markets behave the same now as they did hundreds of years ago?

If so, can I see someone’s real brokerage statements to prove scientific tests can go from the drawing board to actual profits?


How can I get these signals every month?

Should I click here to find out?

Trade smart?


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Crash Canary Status:


Crash Canary Status 11/10/14: (100% stocks)

Highest Ranked Positions 11/10/14: XLF, XLP

Current Positions: XLF (50%), XLP (50%)

About the Crash Canary: Based on scientific research conducted back to 1926, the Crash Canary invests in US bonds and stock sectors once a month. Consider it a “lite” yet fully functional trading model derived from the global Atlas Order strategy. Both have performed exactly as advertised in the harshest environment known to any trading model: The future.