10 hot trades for November revealed this weekend…get them before Monday

I'm going to show you 10 trades, this weekend, that I'll be placing on Monday with $100,000 of my own money.

Scratch that…$114,803.55…because my account is up over 14.8% since I started it in May.

Now how can I show you my trades before I make them?

Wouldn't that be illegal?

Well let me raise my right hand, take the oath right now and say to you:

“I, Dan Murphy, solemnly swear under oath that the Exponential Growth Report is not illegal insider information!”

In spite of the fact that all the data and results leading up to it have gotten outstanding results.

In fact, my current open positions show a profit of $9,193.66:

After all, it's the most thoroughly researched formula of its kind in history.

Beyond the 88 years of data that I went back through, I also found genuine, rich trading experts like Ed Thorp and Jim Simons…and read every single comment they ever made in the press.

That's how you put together a winning investment approach.

We have the unheard-of participation and training in the Mission:Exponential Profits series where I revealed the secrets behind The Exponential Growth Report. Over 400 Facebook comments on the videos!

We have the confidence of well over 300 buyers joining us with the Exponential Growth Report.

And even with all that, I still want further, undeniable, incontrovertible proof.

Proof so that when I release this to the outside world, beyond the special tiny group you're a part of, the decision to buy will be an absolute 100% “Duh” No-Brainer. Which it really ought to be now.

That's the only reason the Exponential Growth Report isn't $500/month right off the bat. One day in the not-too-distant-future it will be.

But I am voraciously interested in PROOF. You know this from everything I've done and shown you.

So I am willing to give away the first first month at just $7, which goes directly to the Wish Foundation for children, and matched by my own funds—so $15 total to charity just for signing up.

In 2012 I was proud to donate over $96,000 to this charity, and we can make a difference again here. After that, it's just $197 a month. Just to prove beyond even all the proof and confidence I and the buyers' group already have that the Exponential Growth Report works.

Let's look at what's included with the first month:

1) Look over my shoulder BEFORE I make trades in the 10 hottest stocks each month (Yup, you only need to trade once a month for explosive gains).

2) The complete library of all seven Technology Singularity sector reports! Valued at $679, these are the special studies I put together during my investigation into Exponential Growth. All Exponential Growth companies are fully revealed:

1. Robotics
2. Nanotechnology
3. 3-D Printing
4. Cloud Computing
5. Biotechnology
6. Social Media
7. Solar Energy

And they will move you right up into First Class, past millions of other investors who have not even heard of these Exponential Growth industries. These powerful reports are yours to keep.

Also in the Exponential Growth Report you'll:

See the trades I'm locking in before I make them, in special videos just for members
Stop wasting time trying to figure out how to implement my trading strategy on your own, since you'll have step-by-step instructions of what I'm doing
Learn about dangerous changes in the market and be able to adapt to them before they cost you money, including misinformation
Avoid money-grabbing High Frequency Traders and keep the fruits of your victories
And get the seven Singularity reports, detailing everything of value I uncovered in my research of exponential growth stocks!

You'll have 30 days to decide whether or not the Exponential Growth Report is for you. My intention is to knock your socks off with value, though—so be ready!

Join us for just $7 … that goes straight to the Wish Foundation. You've got absolutely nothing to lose and a ton to gain.

The cutoff for getting the Exponential Growth Report is midnight this Sunday because we're about to make this month's trades. Get in while you can.

Trade smart,


PS. No PS this time, my friend. You'll have to go back up and read in full what I was forced to swear under oath about the Exponential Growth Report…