Crash Canary: Zombie Status Confirmation


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It’s the confirmation signal you never want to get from me.

But I’m forced to show it to you today.

So far, the worst signal you’ve seen is the Crash Canary “death” signal.

It’s what happens when every sector in the US stock market is on a “sell” signal.

But that’s no big deal because we can easily make money from bonds.

But there’s something even worse than death…


Yes, the living dead.

Imagine this doomsday scenario: Another financial crisis hits…stocks are tanking, and bonds are too hot to handle.

The deadly ‘D’ word is in play…’D’ for deflation.

We saw a taste of this in 2008, wiping out trillion of dollars in a matter of months…

…creating dozens of zombie companies that had to be swallowed up and nationalized because of their “too big to fail” status.

But there’s one safe play that can save us from those dreaded zombies.

It’s to buy a ‘t’…no not a cross to wave at the undead…’t’ as in t-bills.

T-bills have the lowest volatility of any asset, because they are considered a “risk-free” asset.

So if you see this guy in a future email, you know the tish is hitting the fan:

A “Zombie” alert can come at any time depending on market conditions, so make sure to whitelist my email address from over-zealous spamblockers.

For now, we've got an “all clear” signal as many stock sectors hit new all-time highs.

Trade smart,


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Crash Canary Status:


Crash Canary Status 11/3/14: (100% stocks)

Highest Ranked Positions 11/3/14: XLF, XLP

Current Positions: XLF (50%), XLP (50%)

About the Crash Canary: Based on scientific research conducted back to 1926, the Crash Canary invests in US bonds and stock sectors once a month. Consider it a “lite” yet fully functional trading model derived from the global Atlas Order strategy. Both have performed exactly as advertised in the harshest environment known to any trading model: The future.