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The Canary is quiet today.

Maybe he's fat and happy after a spectacular V-bottom rally.

I'll remind the Canary of something:

Bulls make money, bears sometimes make money, pigs get slaughtered, and canary's get suffocated just when everything looks peachy.

Trade smart,


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Crash Canary Status

 11/4/14: (100% stocks)
Highest Ranked Positions 11/4/14: XLF, XLP

Current Positions: XLF (50%), XLP (50%)

About the Crash Canary: Based on scientific research conducted back to 1926, the Crash Canary invests in US bonds and stock sectors once a month. Consider it a “lite” yet fully functional trading model derived from the global Atlas Order strategy. Both have performed exactly as advertised in the harshest environment known to any trading model: The future.