Crash Canary Alert – Gold to crash? 225 year chart

I love discovering secrets about the markets.

Being more thorough in my analysis than the competition.

Because it pays off big time in this biz.

Like bringing an Uzi to a knife fight.

Which leads me to today's topic.


I have data on gold back to the 1200's.

But that's not going to do us a lot of good if we want to compare today's gold prices to hundreds of years ago.

We have account for inflation.

And there's been a lot of it since the Federal Reserve and the conversion to a fiat currency.

Check out this chart…

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Gold is Closer to a 225 Year Top than Bottom


By adjusting for inflation, I'm able to compare apples to apples…

…or in this case, gold to gold over a 225 year period.

Looks closer to the highs doesn't it?

Just some food for thought in case you were thinking of buying and holding this asset for decades.

Maybe it works out…or maybe it doesn't. Capish?

I'd rather just stick to my proven strategy.

But what's going up. Not what's going down.

Until gold starts proving itself again, I'm not touching it.

Does anyone remember the 70's?

Same doom and gloom crap.

Here's why you don't bet against America:


S&P 500 1800-2014 (Estimated)

Try as I might, I can't predict the future.

If the U.S markets start going down, I'll be in something else that's going up in its place.

Trade smart,


PS. Stay tuned for future updates where I reveal the truth behind old Wall Street Adages like “Sell in May and go away.”

We're working on the world record scientific test to perhaps disprove this theory. I paid 5-figures for the oldest, most complete database ever (we went back 214 years baby!)…I'll let you know with a new special report.

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