How to get the horse meat out of your trading

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The following video may be controversial and contain adult language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Hey Dan Murphy here, and yes, that is like looking in a mirror. I guess this is a reason you should look a gift horse in the mouth, my goodness. You know, recently, we’ve had some issues, in Europe, and I think now in the US about some horsemeat being switched out for the good meat, and I was thinking how often do you buy a trading system, or you invest in a trading method- you go to one of these finagled seminars, buy some books, and instead of teaching you how to become a profitable trader it really just teaches you how to lose a whole lot of money. I know this is true because I was part of that group, and it took what seemed like forever to become profitable.

This switch-a-roo is affecting so many people, so I thought, hey, why don’t I do some good for a whole lot of people right now and give away a trading system. But wait, there is a catch; you see I’m going to give away a trading model that’s going to really help you out, and in exchange, what I want is for you to name it. Here’s the deal, I’m horrible with naming trading systems, this trading model right here, is called “Dan’s ES Pullback”, horrible horrible naming, but the results, they speak for themselves. Pretty awesome. I was teaching about how to forward test in yesterdays video, and this was the victim that I was picking on. Like I said I want to be able to give that to you, but in exchange I want you to name it for me. So I figured I could describe it for you, and what it’s trying to do, and that’ll help you name it, but also teach you, and what to look for in trading.

Here’s a question that I really wanted answered, and that’s where to buy the pullback, where to short the rallies as a retracement level? So when the markets gone one way, what level is best to go ahead and have some balls and short, before there is any kind of turn around or anything like that. What I’m doing here is shorting, I’m not in the straight, I’m not waiting for these finagled turn around. I told you before you gotta have balls in trading, looking for levels like that, or reversal patterns like that doesn’t work for me. I’ve rarely seen it work in other trading models. Especially those looking for some kind of buying retracements or selling short these rallies. Again, when I was asking this question I was thinking, what level is most likely to get a bounce? An opposite reaction? With enough points to make it so it’d be profitable. I don’t want to just go ahead and say, “Okay, I want to take three TICKS of profit…” or something like that on the e-mini S&P 500. It wont work. Your back test results will look nice, but when you’re using these really close limit orders and taking really quick profits for stop losses that are really close the slippage is going to eat you alive.

You might think that it would be a Fibonacci level. What do they teach you in those books on technical analysis, especially those with Elliott Wave and so forth, they teach you about the 50% retracement level, the 61.8, because you see this stuff in nature. So you see, hey, I have a theory that the markets work like this. That’s what these guys did, but you know what they failed to do? The didn’t test it? I know they didn’t test it because it doesn’t work. It was none of those levels. It wasn’t the 30-whatever…38.2%. It wasn’t any of these things. I’m not going to tell you the exact level, because I like to keep some of my recipes pretty close to the vest, but if you help me out and name the sucker, and send an e-mail to [email protected], then I will give the winner this trading model, and then you will be able to see what the actual number was. Here is the really interesting thing too.

Here’s another interesting thing about this trading model too- the symmetry. It’s a the same exact retracement level long and short. It’s the same exact place that you should be taking your profit, this would be taking the profit right here. It’s the same exact amount that you should put your stop loss. So it was like a mirror image. It’s saying, I want to risk this amount of points, and the reward will also be this amount of points. What’s interesting, is the win percentage is almost exactly the same as the retracement level. So the symmetry level is outstanding. I have no idea why it’s like that, I just know that that’s how it is. I know for a fact it was none of those numbers.

Now lets go ahead and sweeten this pot here, second place winner…drum roll please, gets a can of unicorn meat. I’m actually holding this in my hand, and I know I talked about this in a recent video update, and held a contest for whoever could find a trading system that was built on sentiment, that was floating around on the interwebs, and I would give them this. Obviously, no one found one, it’s because it doesn’t work. When the market goes up, sentiment goes up, and when the market goes down, sentiment goes down. It’s a self-fulfilling axiomatic. So, as I tap this, it’s covered in plastic so it didn’t really ting, unfortunately, second place winner gets this nice unicorn meat, still in the plastic packaging. It seems that- I’m looking at the back here- that unicorns are made up of: magic, dream, wishes, hopes, hugs, surprises, love, kisses and superglue. I knew it.

So go ahead and send me your system name idea to [email protected], I’m going to look through them all personally, and pick a winner. I’ll go ahead and give the winner the system itself, and second place will get the shiny unicorn meat.

Also, if you want to get the horsemeat out of your trading, let me know if you want my report here, it’s actually an entire kit, just put your name and email address in there. I want to know how many people want my book, I keep on calling it a book, because I’m actually writing a book as well, but this is a report and DVD and things like that. Go ahead and give your name and email that way I know how many to print up, because last time we just got way to many orders and my fulfillment company was awful, and a long story. I want to print these all up so I can go ahead and send it to you right away.