Crash Canary – 2014 report card


Wow. This is cool.   Whenever I make a trading system, I like to see how well it performs in the “real-world” vs testing on historical data.   The PROOF isn’t in the back test. It’s in the bloody trenches of the most treacherous arena for any trading model…   …THE FUTURE.   So I more »

3 strategies to hook a killer trade

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I want to share with you three strategies for making killer trades.

Be forewarned: You have to have some cajones to make these trades because they go counter to popular belief.

Episode 17: Winning strategy tested on 800 years of data


I'm bummed today because I found out that Larry Hite destroyed my record.

In my second book, I revealed a strategy that has stood the test of time for 88 years and running.

I've made a lot of money with that strategy.

Along comes Larry Hite of Market Wizards fame...with a strategy tested over 800 years!

That's not a typo.

Check it out in this short video.

Episode 16: Is the Top in or Not?


I'm getting more and more questions lately as the markets power higher.

The number one question is:

"Is the top in or not?"

I hear ya...

It's really tough trading the markets when everyone is screaming that the market is over-bought.

I like to be the voice of reason since I hold the (unofficial) world record for longest historical test on the markets.

So I made a video that shows the "tell" the market is unconsciously showing.

It says the stock market is _______ for now.

Episode 15: This trade exploded in my face


I got called out on a trade I made this month...
This trade blew up in my face...
And I'm STILL holding it...
Am I a fool?
Should I just quit this real money account now?
Find out what I said in this quick video.

Episode 14: Losing money 12 out of 13 years


Have you heard the story about the trader who lost money 12 out of 13 years?

Here's what he did to turn it around in 8 short months:

Episode 13: #1 Reason I LOVE global warming


Uh oh, now I've done it...

This show is sure to get the gun grabbers and socialists panties in a bunch...but I repeat myself.

Yup, I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE global warming and all its done for humanity.

Check out this controversial video now before its taken down by the leftist police state of America.

Episode 12: 10 smoking hot trades for May

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- adj.

4. candid, open, or frank.

It's time to pull back the curtain and reveal real trading with a real account.

What better way to do it than trade these 10 stocks live. No safety net. No promises. No BS.

Episode 11: Where I'm putting $100,000 of my own money


Special announcement: Where I'm putting $100,000 of my own money starting next week.

Details inside.

Don't invest in solar if you hate being part of the 1%


If you hate the thought of growing your wealth, then DON'T buy into the idea that solar energy will almost completely replace fossil fuels.

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