[Mr. X Part 2] “He stuck a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger”


By Dan Murphy Read “Mr. X Part 1″ here >> Well, I’ve got a dirty little secret dear reader. I have privy information from the world’s oldest trader. Buffett? He’s just a baby. Soros? Heck no. His name is Mr. X. My secret weapon… ———Recommended————————– Exclusive gift for you: I’d like to give you access more »

World’s oldest trader (not Buffett) says…


Editor’s note: Crash Canary signals are now included in these daily emails. Enjoy! By Dan Murphy Is this the calm before the storm for the markets? Or are we going straight to new highs? I was thinking about that on a late hike in Newport Coast today. The sun was shinning, the birds chirping, and more »

Crazy Ivan fires on stock market bears


Editor’s note: Crash Canary signals are now included in these daily emails. Enjoy! By Dan Murphy What a difference three days makes. Agony to ecstasy. Back in the Cold War days, submarine captains would turn sharply while shutting down their engines to detect if anyone was following them. It’s called a “Crazy Ivan.” Popularized by more »

Episode 27: #1 worst strategy everyone falls for


I’m going nuts as I write this.
This has got to stop.
There’s a strategy that when used, turns portfolios to dust.
And it needs to stop immediately.
Consider this a public service announcement.

How to Ebola-proof your portfolio


Editor’s note: Crash Canary signals are now included in these daily emails.  By Dan Murphy In Nassim Taleb’s 2001 book, Fooled By Randomness, he talks about random events that shock the financial system. He uses “black swans” as a metaphor to make his point. ———————————– Exclusive gift for you: I’d like to give you access to my brand more »

[FREE GIFT] Crash Canary signals return!


  Editor’s note: Keep reading to see the Crash Canary signals for free. The market grabbed millions of investors by the throat this week, forcing them to stay glued to stock tickers and financial TV. Down, up, big gap down, big up, up. Many say that you have to weather these down moves. There’s no more »

Episode 26: My favorite indicator says…


Investors urgently want to know if this is the bottom.
Will the pain continue?
Should I buy?
Should I sell?
Is THE TOP in?
Where should my money be?

Episode 25: Line in the sand has been drawn


A line in the sand has been drawn.
If it’s crossed…bear market city.
Inside video is the answer you’re looking for.
What’s the question?
“Are we now in a bear market,” I was asked today.
Find out in today’s video…

Episode 24: Exact date Ebola stomps out the stock market

patient_doctor_conference_in_14806 copy

It’s all over the news.
It’s here in the USA.
The fatality rate is 55%.
Spreads on contact.
“It’s growing exponentially,”say scientists.
“It’s going to spread worldwide.”

Episode 23: October crash?


Evidence of a bear market in October is starting to pile up.

The gurus are sharpening their bearish fangs.

Housing stocks sharply declined.

What’s next?

Let’s discuss in today’s video.

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