Don't invest in solar if you hate being part of the 1%


If you hate the thought of growing your wealth, then DON'T buy into the idea that solar energy will almost completely replace fossil fuels.

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Episode 10: Unluckiest investor to ever live


What would you do if you lost a $35 billion nestegg?

You wouldn't believe how or why the unluckiest investor to ever live lost $35 billion.

Nope, he didn't lose it in a divorce (because he's gay).

Watch the shocking story here >>

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Will these robots be at the Home Depot next?


Look at these 'lil worker bee robots tirelessly move plants around a landscaping center less than an hour away from my house.

Do yourself a favor and faster forward through the video so you see how much they progress (and save yourself some time while you're at it).

P.S. This is an exponentially growing multi-billion dollar industry (he says while licking his chops).

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Episode 9: 80/20 rule of investing

stick_figure_fencing_thrust_400_wht_6251 copy

I have faith in you, and on today's show, I announce what some might consider an impossible goal.

I love a challenge.

En guarde!

Will you accept my challenge?

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Robot obliterates human world record


This isn't even close.

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The Singularity is Near Audio Book


The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil audio book:

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The Singularity explained in 1 minute


The Singularity explained in 1 minute.

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Episode 8: Portfolio Nightmare


I thought I'd heard everything. That is until I read the contents of this email.

I've never heard of someone doing what this guy did...and with a WINNING trading model!

Ugh! I wanted to poke my eyes out with a hot soldering iron.

Maybe you can learn something from his failure:

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Episode 7: 4 chart patterns you can steal


I have dozens of chart patterns that have made me money over the years.

So many in fact, that I'd like to part with four of them today.

Go ahead and take them and do as you please.

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Inside scoop about March 11th, 2014


I've got some crazy insider info on those mad, scorpion-eating scientists at Kuka Robotics.

As you probably learned on the latest episode of The Relaxed Investor Show, there's going to be an era changing event on March 11th.

For the first time, a robot is challenging a champion level human in a physical game -- ping pong.

Yes, ping pong.

Don't laugh. This marks a new revolution in robotics.

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